Stop buying Intel!

During 2017, hackers found that the Intel ME – a Minix OS running on ring 0 of CPU, with a web server, its own file system and unlimited access to everything you do in your computer – and showed the world how this could be exploited.

Intel just release a fix, which is a merely band-aid for a bleeding-hole. By January 9th they announced the world that they knew, all along, for months, that they found two vulnerabilities that could be exploited and grant access to your data and compromise your computer security. That is Meltdown and Spectre.

I am pretty sure you can find may guides over the internet explaining what they are – but I doubt you will find a better explanation than this 3-minute video from RedHat:

I have no intention to discuss Spectre or Meltdown. There are hundreds if not thousands of people doing this already. I am concerned about what are we doing to repeal Intel and make them pay for their failed product.

First of all, you cannot pay the same price for any product shipped with Intel after January 9th. In fact, I wouldn’t pay the same price for any product shipped with Intel after the first Intel ME exploit known after November, 2017. The product price should be lowered, by at least 40%. That is a little compensation for the performance loss and for buying a product with known failure.

Are companies doing this? Lenovo? Dell? Apple?

Of course not.

It fall to us to stop buying their products. I was dying to buy an XPS13 for me, but I won’t do that until they have an AMD version or Intel release a new product without failure.

That is my advice: boycott Intel and whomever is selling you shitty products. Or would you buy a car, for the same price, after learning that the car would consume 2 times more gas?

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