What is Google doing in your Smartphone?

Recently I decided to move away from iOS and Apple. I really like the iPhone but recently privacy concerns regarding information being collected without my consent (which I will blog later about) made me reconsider using their products.

I decided to buy an Android device but install a clean Android ROM without Google Apps.  Turns out almost apps I need running (like Uber for example), needs Google Play Services.

I installed the Open GApps – Pico Package, and disabled every access to the Google Play Services. Turns out all Apps are running great, with except one (food delivery) which surprisingly raises a very intriguing message when I try to run it:


Why GSF wants to access my Calendar, Camera, Contacts, Microphone, Phone, Body Sensors, SMS and Storage? I thought it could be ONLY this App, but then I downloaded a Tetris game (God I love Tetris), and guess what?




Why does a TETRIS game needs to GSF to have access to my microphone? Body Sensors? Come on, it makes no sense.

Unless it makes for Google. Well, I’m not giving that up.

If you have an Android device, you should consider removing the carrier/factory ROM and install a new one, clean and start managing the authorizations your Apps have in your phone.